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Parent Information

The Shire MAT

Your first contact should always be your child's class teacher (unless the issue warrants more serious action, in which place you should speak to Mrs C Egginton or Mr J Haywood

In a morning, it is sometimes difficult to speak with teachers and TAs as they are focused on the children and on teaching and learning.  In situations like this, we have our school's Parent Support Advisor who is on hand to deal with any parental concerns (she can be located via the main school Office). 

Alternatively, you can always phone school and ask for a specific teacher to phone you back.

If your concern or complaint is regarding your child's Special Educational Needs (SEN needs) then your first contact would be with our school's Inclusion Mrs E Prest.

If, when you contact school, you can not get to speak or meet with the right people, then please leave a message with our Office staff (Mrs Kitson is our Office Manager) and she will pass the message on quickly, for the relevant people to act upon.  Alternatively, you could e-mail our school account, which the Office staff will filter and forward on the necessary information to the right person.  This is:

If, in the unlikely event that you feel your issues have not been dealt with and you would like to take this further, we would always ask that you use our 'Complaints Policy'

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