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About us

Every Child Matters Academy Trust

Our Values and Ethos


The Trust has high expectations that both staff and pupils will aspire to be the best they can be. As a family of schools, we support, develop and aim to retain highly motivational staff. We understand that success looks different for everyone and because of this we provide a climate that enables personal growth for all.

Accountable and Responsible

The Trust is unwaveringly committed in delivering high quality education. This value is underpinned by a culture amongst all stakeholders that makes it unequivocally clear that there are no excuses for the pupils not to achieve high standards in their learning and their behaviour. Rigorous quality assurance is ensured through strong governance and a framework of accountability and responsibility by all.


The Trust is forward thinking in its approach to the demands of the 21st century curriculum. Our broad, balanced and challenging creative curriculum provides all pupils with the skills and knowledge to become life-long learners. We welcome challenge from all stakeholders and provide an environment that encourages staff to reflect on and debate the way they teach. We have created a climate in which teachers are motivated and trusted to take risks and innovate in ways that are right for their pupils.


We will work closely with all our partner schools within the Shire Multi-Academy Trust. We value an open line of communication to ensure that best practice is shared across the Trust so that all staff develop professionally and all children succeed to their utmost. We recognise that in order to provide the most effective provision we listen to, value and strategically utilise the experience and practice of all stakeholders.

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