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Thank you to everyone who donated for Children in Need - so far we have raised over £600

About us

The Shire MAT

Updated September 2019


Head of School

Miss T Smith

 Mrs C Egginton

Deputy Head

  Mr J Haywood

Office Admin

Mrs M Kitson

Mrs L Bellwood


Mrs E Prest


Miss Olivia Stoppard


 Miss B Newton

Mrs N Manley

Mrs G Housden

Miss J Cooper

Mrs N Archer

Miss T Whincup

Miss C McDonald

Mrs L Scales

Mr S Walters

Mrs S Jackson

Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Wright - HLTA

Mrs K Smith - Cover Supervisor

Mrs J Brasher

Mrs L Mellor

Mrs R Morritt-Stevenson

Mrs C Holroyd

Miss A Frostick

Mrs A Zdubek

Miss S Askew

Mr S Hood

Mr A Crouch


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