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Welcome from the Sandhill Primary Governors

The aim of this page is to share some basic facts about our Governing Body and how governance works at Sandhill.  We hope it will provide some insight into the important role played by governors in decision making and in striving to ensure that the school is working effectively to create the very best possible conditions in which every pupil has the opportunity to flourish.  

Should you wish to explore the information on governance issued by the Local Authority, you will find a link to the BMBC website.

The school currently sits with the Shire Multi Academy Trust but it is currently being rebrokered to the Every Child Matters Academy Trust


During this transition period an Interim Executive Board has been established to incorporate governance from both the Shire Multi Academy Trust and the Every Child Matters Trust

Since December 2019, Sandhill Primary School Governance model is through an IEB.


The IEB consists of :


Chair of IEB – Mr Phil Howe

Members –

CEO of Shire Multi Academy Trust – Mr Phil Moore

CEO of Every Child Matters Academy Trust – Mrs Gerry Foster-Wilson

Head of School – Mr David Hickey

Headteacher Laithes Primary School – Georgina Fletcher

Emma Sanderson

Karen Hartshorne

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